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Nothing adds warmth and beauty to a home quite like hardwood flooring. Its timeless visual appeal is one of the most sought-after finishes buyers look for in today’s housing market. Dozens of hardwood flooring alternatives exist which provide the look of solid hardwood but promise easy installation and upkeep. Many people also favor these alternatives because they’re generally less expensive than genuine hardwood. Traditionalists who insist on the real deal will benefit from using environmentally friendly hardwood finishes made from natural oils to protect and enhance the beauty of their chosen wood. Today, it’s entirely possible to obtain durable, beautifully finished hardwood floors free from the toxic compounds found in other refinishing products.

We offer nationwide delivery on all of our exceptional flooring products. Try Monocoat or WOCA floor finishes to add new beauty to an existing hardwood floor, or to finish a new floor without exposing your family to VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. For the beauty of hardwood floors coupled with a truly pet-friendly surface, visit our Pet-Friendly products site and learn how cork and vinyl combine into one durable flooring alternative. Or try the newest up-and-coming natural flooring product: cork. Through CorkDirect, we offer cork tiles, planks and underlayment in a variety of colors and patterns.

CorkDirect Products

Corkdirect.com - Cork Flooring and UnderlaymentMost commonly known as the plug-shaped stoppers used to seal wine bottles, flexible, sustainable cork actually makes an extremely durable flooring option. All CorkDirect brand products come from quality European cork harvested every 10 years from the outer bark of the Cork Oak tree. The cork is harvested without damaging the tree or its surrounding ecosystem, making cork a truly renewable resource. It is then brought to the United States to be processed and finished into our fine flooring products.

Cork flooring offers many benefits compared to other forms of residential or commercial flooring products. It is resistant to staining and impervious to rot and mites. Cork provides an amazing level of natural insulation, making it an ideal acoustic surface for entertainment rooms. It also subdues the level of background noise in any room to which it is applied, softening the sound of footsteps and other potentially disrupting noises.

Cork conveys a natural beauty in color tones similar to existing hardwood flooring applications, but offers many more interesting visual patterns. Four available textures are lace, lizard, pebble and leather, while colors range from pale taupe to charcoal.

Cork flooring planks are ideal for commercial or residential use and feature a built-in underlayment. Installation is a simple self-locking process that doesn’t require glue or complicated tools. The resulting free-floating floor can be installed over just about any type of subfloor because it doesn’t attach directly to the subflooring. Planks are available in a dozen colors and patterns and come prefinished with five coats of a commercial grade UV-cured, scratch-resistant acrylic finish. This VOC-free finish contains no harmful ingredients and does not outgas into indoor environments.

Cork tile flooring is also ideal for residential or commercial applications. Tiles are one-foot-square and 3/16ths of an inch thick and come prefinished with a commercial grade natural hard oil finish which contains absolutely no volatile organic compounds. CorkDirect offers natural cork tiles in six different colors and patterns that will coordinate with any décor.

Woca Direct Products

Trip Trap - Fine Natural Oil FinishesNatural WOCA oil-based hardwood floor finish is different from most products made for hardwood floor finishing. Made primarily from cold-pressed vegetable oils and aromatic hardening oils, this unique combination penetrates deeply into the surface of the wood floor, and as it cures, hardens to form a strong, protective surface that actually becomes part of the wood itself. This means that normal wear and tear, such as small scratches and indentations, do not show up as much as on a floor with a urethane finish. Larger scratches or blemishes are easily spot-repairable, without the need for sanding or other complicated processes.

This subtle matte luster floor finish comes in many custom colors and is totally free of Volatile Organic Compounds that can harm susceptible individuals. It’s easy to maintain a beautiful WOCA finish with WOCA Natural Soap. This product contains cleaning agents combined with emollients extracted from soy beans and coconut oils. These oils retain the moisture in the floor, just as quality soap would protect your hands. As these oils dry, they form an invisible film on the floor’s surface, providing added protection against wear and dirt.

Pet-Friendly Products

Pet Friendly Flooring - New Cork Vi-Plank is designed especially for families with pets, children and active lifestyles. Pet-friendly flooring is possible with the installation of Vi-Plank, a truly unique floor that is virtually dog proof. Vi-Plank is a warm, natural cork plank flooring with an elegant finish suitable for every room in the house. Vi-Plank’s luxurious vinyl surface resists marks, scuffs and liquids and cleans easily. The natural cork core and built-in cork underlayment make Vi-Plank flooring warm and quiet, providing sound insulation and enhanced resilience.

This pet-friendly flooring provides all the beauty of hardwood but without the fear that pet accidents will ruin your investment. In addition, Vi-Plank is perfect for do-it-yourselfers because it doesn’t require extensive floor prep or expensive professional installation. Its colors are true and resist fading and scratching from tracked-in dirt or little pet claws, and it is warm and comfortable underfoot. Homes with this hardwood flooring alternative enjoy excellent indoor air quality because Vi-Plank emits little or no VOC's, is non-allergenic and will not promote fungal growth

Monocoat Finish

Rubio Monocoat Zero Voc 1-coat Natural Oil FinishPlant-based Monocoat all-natural oil wood floor finishes are VOC-free and completely non-toxic. Available in a clear finish as well as over 30 luxurious colors, all Monocoat products apply evenly in a single coating while still offering extraordinary durability. The resulting surface provides a subtle luster that reveals and complements the natural grain and patina of the specific hardwood beneath.

Monocoat adheres with the first microns of wood by molecular bonding. As a result, just one liter of Monocoat natural oil wood floor finishes can cover 400 square feet of flooring. Because of this unique molecular bonding, no surface film can form, and no variable saturation can occur, making its application nearly error-proof. Not only is a second coat not required, the finished wood will actually refuse to accept a second coat. The same action protects against overlaps and color variance—the entire process is completed with just one coat. In addition to its ease of application, the resulting floor surface is easily maintained with a damp mop.

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