Monocoat Reviews

DIY Dance Floor

I purchased a liter and a half of Rubio Monocoat from you this spring to finish our new oak dance room floor. I was skeptical that I would have enough product.

We followed instructions exactly, and to my amazement, it took a friend and I only about 7 hours to completely finish 800 square feet of floor.

The results are simply outstanding. The finish is hard, natural and suitable for dancing.

I would recommend this to ANYONE interested in finishing a natural wood floor. It's simply terrific. We have had a few liquid spills and they clean right up without a trace. So far, no dings or dents are showing at all.

Thanks for recommending this great floor finishing product.

T.M. Ithaca, NY


Thanks for your help. All went well. Took a 1/2 room to get the feel on how much to spread. Have to admit, I was scared to death that there was no way 3 liters was gonna do that floor, but after 1st room, I seen the coverage was great.

Anxious to see the durability of the product, but the look and the workability was great. It was actually very forgiving to be honest.

Sure we will be doing more business. I will actually offer this as an option.

Thanks again
G. Floor Service

"Green" passive solar straw bale house

Thanks, monocoat arrived on Thursday, we finally got around to applying it today. Went on pretty easy. Looks great over the knotty alder flooring! Was great to be able to breath while we were working with it, a perfect compliment to our "green" passive solar straw bale house! Will be sure to mention you in my blog.


DIY Remodeling

I just wanted to send you this picture of the floors my Mom and I refinished. They look great! Lots of people are asking us what we used and I will send them your way. It was so funny, the rental store didn't have a small buffer so I had to get the big one. Until I got the hang of it, I was flying all around the room. But after awhile I was a pro. Thanks again.

L.L. Baltimore, MD

DIY Remodeling Blog "Taking Care Of Twins"

"WOW! Doesn't it look AMAZING!? I love it. I love the satin finish, and I LOVE the fact that we managed to do it with ZERO VOCs!"

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