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Mafi Trouble Shooter Set

Mafi Trouble Shooter Set is the perfect starter kit for maintaining the beauty and value of your natural wood floor.

Trouble Shooter Set Includes :

  • Spot Stop ® degreaser in a practical spray can to remove stubborn grease stains quickly and easily.
  • Anti Grey Deep Cleaner - stain remover is used to remove dark stains.
  • Mop cloth
  • 2 Sheep's wool pads
  • 2 White polishing pads
  • Dirt Eraser
  • Informational Pamphlet
  • Care & Maintenance Manual
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About Mafi
Woodcare with Mafi
About Mafi

As a manufacturer of high-quality parquet, Mafi also has the highest maintenance competence for wooden floors. With their wooden floor soaps, care products, and quality woodcare accessories, Mafi offers a full care program for oxidatively oiled wooden floors of all types, whether oak, spruce, or ash.

Mafi care products are not only recommended for Mafi natural wood floors, but specifically for the care of parquet and other oiled wood flooring from all manufacturers.

Woodcare with Mafi

Mafi offers a range of finishing and cleaning products designed to make finishing and maintenance easy.

In addition, their tools and accessories are a perfect blend of quality and value, offering a full mop set as well as application, sanding, and polishing tools.



How to remove wine stains from wood floor with Mafi?

Clean the affected area with hot water and Mafi Wood Floor Soap. For tough stains, then use the lightener and once more with water and soap. Optionally, treat with Mafi Care Oil Balsam at the end.

How to remove coffee stains from wood flooring with Mafi?

To remove a coffee stain, the affected area must simply be washed with hot water and the matching color of Mafi Wood Floor Soap. The hot water opens the pores of the wood and releases the coffee. The fatty wood floor soap binds the liquid and at the same time cares for the affected areas. Always work with gentle pressure in the direction of the planks, and do not scrub. We recommend a cotton cloth for applying and removing the liquid. Do not use microfiber cloths, as these can very easily scratch the wood and may cause rough spots with intensive use. Once the floor is dry, evaluate the stain. If the stain is not fully removed, repeat the process. Once the floor is completely cleaned, we recommend a light re-treating using the matching Mafi Care Oil Balsam. This ensures the surface is additionally protected and blends in the affected area. Make sure to use the correct Mafi care products in coordination with your Mafi wood floor. If you should need us, we are also happy to help with advice and assistance at

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Mafi Trouble Shooter Wood Floor Cleaning Set.

Mafi Trouble Shooter Set