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Mafi Wood Floor Oil


Mafi wooden floor oil is for light re-oiling after installation of Mafi floors. This gives the customer a perfect surface and also helps build resilience.

Re-oiling Mafi floors in spaces with low - normal wear is no longer necessary due to Mafi Wood Floor Soap's protective properties. 


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Mafi Wood Floor Oil Application Instructions

Provide adequate ventilation to the rooms where you are working. The recommended floor, room, and product temperature during processing is 18–25°C (64–77°F). In the event of direct sunlight or warmer temperatures, shade floor and lower underfloor heating (if applicable). High surface temperature may cause the oil not to harden evenly, resulting in cloudiness or stains.

  1. Apply oil in small quantities in small sections of using a white polishing fleece pad and single disc polishing machine to distribute. Be sure to place the machine with pad directly on the oil before turning it on to avoid oil splashes.
  2. Polish in oil using a disc polishing machine and a white polishing fleece pad. Polish in the direction of planks for even application.
    White Wood Floor Oil should be applied quickly and over small areas to avoid visible transition lines. 
  3. Oil the edge areas by hand with a white polishing fleece handpad (or with an orbital sander and matching pads). Wipe up remaining oil residues (splashes, excess oil) immediately with a cloth or polish in with white polishing fleece.
  4. Dry polish the entire surface with a sheepwool pad (Non-polished oil will become sticky)
  5. If oil becomes viscous during the processing time, polish immediately with a fresh white polishing fleece pad.

*Color changes can occur as a result of re-oiling. 

Combustion Warning: May self-ignite! All cloths/pads must be immersed in water after use and disposed of correctly. Do not store used cloths/pads indoors.

Curing Time

The floor is sufficiently cured and suitable for gentle use after 24 hours. If high traffic is necessary, cover the floor with a breathable mat (after checking to make sure the oil is dry). 

Do not treat the surface with water or soap for around two weeks, allowing oil sufficient time to soak into wood fibers. The final hardening of the oil takes between 10-14 days depending on humidity, ventilation, and overall room temperature. Begin soap treatment after 14 days.



Over the span of three weeks the floor should be wiped once a week with warm water and once with Mafi Wood Floor Soap.

Depending on the indoor climate, the time between wiping processes can be significantly reduced.

Regular maintenance

In an average, private household, it is sufficient to wipe the floor once a month with warm water and Mafi Wood Floor Soap.


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Mafi Wood Floor Oil - Natural - 1 Liter

Mafi Wood Floor Oil