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Ciranova Maintenance Oil


Ciranova Maintenance Oil refreshes and restores dry, dull wood flooring.  This fast-drying product is for use on oil treated and UV-Oil wood surfaces.  

  • Fast drying.
  • Refresh and restore dry or dull wood.
  • Perfect for heavy traffic areas.
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • For use on oil treated wood surfaces and UV-oiled wood.
  • Available in extra matte and satin.
Clear Matte
Clear Satin
White Matte
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Technical Data

Breathe New Life into Your Wooden Floors

Ciranova Maintenance Oil is a revolutionary solution for wood flooring and wood surfaces that have lost their luster. It is specially designed to refresh and restore the natural beauty of your wood surfaces.

Features and Benefits

Ciranova Maintenance Oil is a game-changer for homeowners, flooring professionals, and woodworkers alike.

Refresh and Restore

Over time, wooden floors can lose their luster, especially in high-traffic areas. Periodic application of maintenance oil will revitalize dry and dull wood, restoring its natural beauty and enhancing its durability.

Fast Drying Formula

With its fast-drying formula, you can enjoy your newly restored and refreshed floors in no time. Perfect for busy households and professionals on tight schedules.

Ideal for Heavy Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas like living rooms, hallways, and kitchens can take a beating. Ciranova Maintenance Oil is formulated to withstand the wear and tear of daily life, making it the ideal choice for these busy areas.

Suitable for Various Surfaces

Designed for use on oil-treated and UV-oiled wood surfaces, Ciranova Maintenance Oil offers versatility and wide applicability. Whether your wood was pre-finished, or traditional oil finished

Periodic Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential for the longevity of wooden floors. Maintenance oil is perfect for periodic care, ensuring your floors retain their beauty and durability over time. Think of it as a spa treatment for your floors—it rejuvenates and protects, all in one go.

Available in Extra Matte and Satin

Choose the finish that best suits your flooring style and color. Maintenance oil comes in both clear and white and is available in matte or satin finish.

Buy More, Save More

Buy 2 or more and save. By purchasing our products in bulk, you save more in the long run. Ideal for homeowners with extensive wood surfaces and professionals managing multiple projects, our bulk options ensure you never run out of the oil that maintains your wood’s pristine condition.

A Legacy of Excellence

With more than 90 years of expertise, Ciranova® stands as a beacon of reliability in the wood finishing industry. A professional brand under the Blanchon Group, we have been the specialists in developing top-quality finishing products for parquet, furniture, and other wooden objects. From our comprehensive range of colors, reactive stains, varnishes, oils, waxes, and maintenance products, Ciranova® has earned its place as a leading supplier of wood preservatives worldwide.

Call to Action

Don’t settle for dull, lifeless wood floors. Experience the transformation with Ciranova Maintenance Oil and see the difference for yourself. Restore the beauty of your wooden surfaces today and enjoy a home that feels warm, welcoming, and wonderfully maintained.

Try Ciranova Maintenance Oil today and bring your wood floors back to life!



Before applying Ciranova Maintenance Oil, first clean the surface with Intensive Cleaner to remove soap residue to prepare the surface for treatment and rinse with water.  Leave the surface to fully drive and make sure that it is dust free


  • For wooden floors: Apply a thin and even layer of the maintenance oil, let it settle for a few minutes, and then rub or buff it dry with a white pad.
  • For smaller surfaces: apply the product with a lint-free cloth and remove any excess product.


+/- 4 hours, depending on the amount applied, the surrounding temperature, the humidity and ventilation.


It is recommended to follow the Ciranova® Maintenance program to keep the wood in optimal condition.

Download Product Data Sheet

Technical Data

Download Ciranova Maintenance Oil TDSTDS

Case: 6 x 1 L
Cleaning: Cleaning Thinner Ciranova®
Coverage: 450-650 sq.ft./L
Disposal: Dispose of residue and empty packaging in accordance with local ordinances.
Drying Times: +/- 4 hours. Lightly walkable after 12 hours.
Gloss Level: Extra Matte Satin
Number of Colors: Clear, colorless and white
Product Type: Solvent-based
Shelf Life: 24 months in the original and unopened packaging.
Solid Content: +/- 29%
Storage/Transport: between 41°F and 77°F
Viscosity: +/-20-25 sec - DIN 4mm


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Ciranova Maintenance Oil  Clear Matt

Ciranova Maintenance Oil


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