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Rubio Monoocat Hybrid Wood Protector


Protect and Color Exterior Wood in 1 Single Layer with Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector.

Get stunning and long-lasting protection for your exterior wood with Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector! This easy-to-use and eco-friendly product offers a genuine single coat application that colors and protects your wood in one go. You'll love how user-friendly it is thanks to its fast drying and zero-VOC composition. The best part? You won't have to worry about maintenance, since it won't flake or form a film, and doesn't need sanding before applying a new coat. Just use the same product when you need to apply another coat, and your wood will look as good as new. Perfect for all homeowners, Hybrid Wood Protector is a must-have for those looking for a reliable and efficient way to protect their wood decks and surfaces.

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  • RMC technology uses integrated UV* stabilizer, which protects your wood from the sun's harmful rays.
  • Eco-friendly 0% VOC product.  Does not contain any water or solvents.
  • Suitable for almost all types of wood and can also be used on interior wood applications!
  • Available in 22 exciting and unique colors.
  • Easy to apply. Fast-drying.
  • Economical: minimum consumption.
  • Not film-forming. Does not flake off.
  • Maintenance with the same product. No need for sanding!

*Pure does not contain UV stabilizers and will not provide color stability against the natural aging of wood.

Note: Pure is non-pigmented. Natural is pigmented with yellow/white tones.

Consult the full instruction and technical sheet before using this product.

For a kit containing samples of the various colors, see our Exterior Wood Protector Kit page.

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  1. Remove all residues of old applications. Clean the surface using RMC Exterior Wood Cleaner. 
  2. Stir the oil thoroughly before use. 
  3. Once the cleaned surface is dry, apply a layer of RMC Hybrid Wood Protector with a flat brush. 
  4. Leave to react for 10 minutes. Smooth the surface again with the same brush (without applying new product). 
  5. After 5 minutes wipe off traces of excess product with a piece of cloth. 
  6. Let dry for about 24 hours. Complete curing takes place after 7 days. 


  • The preparation always has to be done with RMC products.
  • Never apply in direct sunlight and at temperatures under 10ºC.
  • Only work when weather conditions are dry.
  • Do not cover and do not place heavy objects on the wood until completely dry.
  • Horizontal surfaces need to be rubbed dry if they are exposed to rain within 24-36 hours after applying the oil. 


  1. Sand according to NWFA guidelines. Vacuum thoroughly, eliminate remains of dust with RMC Cleaner. 
  2. Carefully add 10% of RMC Accelerator Comp. B to the oil. Stir thoroughly before use. 
  3. Once the cleaned surface is dry, spread out a small quantity of the product with a cloth or brush. 
  4. Leave to react during a few minutes. 
  5. Thoroughly remove all excess of oil with a cloth. The surface should feel dry! 
  6. Let dry for about 24 hours. Complete curing takes place after 7 days.


The product must not be diluted under any circumstances.

Cloths that are soaked in oil may spontaneously combust and must therefore be submerged in water after use. 


If you want to apply this product in an industrial manner, we advise you to get in contact with our technical care team. The technical data sheet for industrial use is available on demand.

For industrial applications, it is obligatory to add 10% of RMC Accelerator to the RMC Hybrid Wood Protector.

Download Application Instructions and TDS (EN)

Download Application Instructions and TDS(ES)



Summarized specifications, please read TDS before using product.

Spread Rate: 250-300 Sq ft/L
Cure Time: 7 days
VOC Content: 0%
Color Options: 22
Dilutable: No
Shelf Life: 36 months

Warning: Do not allow to freeze

Warning: Cloths, saturated with oil, may spontaneously combust. After usage, they need to be soaked in water before disposal.


Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector makes providing rich color and UV protection to wood floors easy.

Application, maintenance, and refreshment are done with the same product. Because of a revolutionary molecular bonding technology, Hybrid Wood Protector will not overlap or show starting marks.

No need to sand when refreshing UV protection and color, simply reapply using the application instructions.


Hybrid Wood Protector FAQ

Can I use Hybrid Wood Protector for interior wood surfaces?

Hybrid Wood Protector can be used indoors, but should only be used on vertical surfaces as well as furniture. Oil Plus 2C is recommended for interior wood floors.

What temperature does it need to when I apply Hybrid Wood Protector to exterior wood?

Ideal temperature for application is 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit and not below 50°. Do not apply in direct sunlight. The weather conditions must by dry. If application was on horizontal surfaces, if rain occurs within 24-36 hours after application, rub the surface dry.

Is Part B accelerator required to use Hybrid Wood Protector?

10% Part B accelerator must be added if you are applying oil to outdoor horizontal surfaces. It also must be used on interior applications.

How long does it take for Hybrid Wood Protector to dry?

Drying time will vary due to weather conditions. Do not cover and do not place heavy objects on the wood until the wood is completely dry. If used on horizontal surfaces and rain occurs within 24-36 hours after application, the surface will need to be rubbed dry.

Does Hybrid Wood Protector protect wood from UV damage?

Using RMC technology, Hybrid Wood protector has an integrated UV* stabilizer. *Pure does not contain UV stabilizers and will not provide color stability against the natural aging and graying of exterior wood.

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Rubio Monocoat Exterior Wood Protector 100ml

Rubio Monoocat Hybrid Wood Protector