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Ciranova Un1co - Liquid Sample Box


Liquid Sample Box Contains:
16 x 100ML Un1Co Samples

Clear 7170 | Natural 7253 | Natural White 7250 | White 7251 | Extra White 7252 | Black Ink 7261 | Castle 7374 | Cherry Red 7370 | Chocolat 7255  | Clouds 7262 | Concrete 7375 | English Brown 7371 | Mud 7373 | Old Grey 7257 | Smoke 7597 | Wenge 7372

1 x 500ML Hardener

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Technical Data
Additional Info

Ciranova Un1co is a 2-component, 1 coat oil. It is based on renewable materials.

  • Colors and protects in just one coat
  • Quick drying
  • Free of VOC

Thanks to its special technology, only one coat needs to be applied. The combination of oil and hardener provides fast drying and excellent chemical resistance.



  • Make sure that all old finish coats are completely removed and that the wood is free from dust and other dirt.
  • Can be used on sanded, planed, and brushed wood.
  • For more intensive coloration the wood surface can be "water-popped" and dried prior to application.


  1. Stir and shake well before and during use.
  2. Mix the oil with the hardener (100/30) and let the product rest for about 10 minutes.
  3. Apply UN1CO evenly with a buffing machine or brush.
  4. Let the UN1CO sit and remove excess oil within 15 minutes with a buffing pad or cloth until the surface feels hand-dry.
  5. *The UN1CO should be tested beforehand for exotic wood types.*
  6. For the best possible protection and reduced maintenance, UN1CO can also be finished with Titan or Fortio 2C.

For industrial applications (rolling, spraying) the Ciranova® technical service should be consulted. Consult the corresponding technical data sheet for application instructions

Downlod Product Data Sheet


For regular maintenance, we recommend Ciranova® flooring soap.

For periodic maintenance, use Ciranova® Maintenance Oil , or first use Ciranova® Intensive Cleaner in case of heavy dirt.

UN1CO is only fully hardened after +/- 7 days. During this period, the wood cannot be treated with water or maintenance products

Technical Data

Download Ciranova Un1co Technical Data Sheet

Case: 6 x 1.3 L
Cleaning: Cleaning Thinner Ciranova®
Coverage: Buffing machine: 550-650 sq.ft./L per coat
Disposal: Dispose of residue and empty packaging in accordance with local ordinances.
Drying Times: Lightly walkable after 24 hours. Fully cured after +/- 10 days
Mixing Ratio: 100/30
Number of Colors: 16 colors for 1.3 L
Potlife: +/- 3 hours after adding the hardener
Product Type: 100% oil
Sanding Grit: P 100-120
Shelf Life: 12 months in the original and unopened packaging
Solid Content: 100%
Storage/Transport: between 5°C and 25°C
Viscosity: +/- 40 sec - DIN 4mm


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Ciranova Un1co - Liquid Sample Box

Ciranova Un1co - Liquid Sample Box