Technical Information and Testing

Above Green

This letter, written by a third party LEED Accredited Professional, verifies that the Rubio Monocoat natural oil finish product can help project teams achieve LEED® Certification. This product is a plant-based non-emitting finish, which complies with South Coast Air Quality Management standards and always qualifies for the following LEED credits:

Environmental FeatureLEED CreditLEED Points
Rapidly Renewable Materials Materials and Resources (MR) Credit 6 1
Low-Emitting Adhesives and Sealants Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) Credit.4.2 1

Some of the other environmental features of this product include:

  • Rubio Monocoat Oil is made from natural plant based products such as Flax and Carnauba plants, both of which are considered rapidly renewable materials. The materials that go into this product grow back very quickly.
  • Rubio Monocoat Oil and Maintenance Soaps are VOC-free. VOC-free means that, unlike conventional finishes and maintenance soaps, there is no off-gassing scent associated with the application of these products.
  • Rubio Monocoat Oil is a one-coat application, whereas conventional finishes require three coats and three trips to a job site. With this product, you save on transportation and labor costs while lowering carbon emissions.
  • Rubio Monocoat Oil requires only one buffing machine application, whereas three are needed to apply the standard three coats of conventional finish. Thus, this product contains less embodied energy than the conventional.
  • Properly maintained Rubio Monocoat Oil finished floors never require re-sanding. No re-sanding means no dust and better indoor air quality. Floors can be rejuvenated with a modicum of Rubio Monocoat Oil in areas that show wear.
  • This product has been reviewed by a third party LEED Accredited Professional. If you have any inquiries about the environmental quality of this product, or wonder how it helps with LEED, then feel free to contact us.

Thank You and My Best,

Vincent Bataoel, LEED AP
President, ABOVE Green LLC
1200 North B Street, Suite 100
Fairfield, IA 52556