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Rubio Monocoat Mop Plus Surface Care Spray Kit

The Rubio Monocoat Mop Plus Surface Care Spray Kit contains everything you need to keep your 2C Oil finished floors clean.  The Mop kit contains the mop, 2 washable and re-usable microfiber mop pads, 100 ML of Rubio Monocoat Soap Concentrate (makes 13 bottles of Surface Care Spray), and a 750 ML Surface Care Spray Bottle. It is the perfect solution for convenience and ease for everyday cleaning of your Rubio Monocoat finished flooring. Care & Maintenance Brochure is also included.
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How To Apply

The Rubio Monocoat Microfiber Mop is specially designed for cleaning your Rubio Monocoat finished floors and matches their elegance in its design. Equipped with a swivel head and a velcro attachment system to secure the microfiber mop pad, it makes cleaning easy and efficient. The mop's 3-piece assembly allows for quick breakdown and compact storage. 

How To Apply

Using Microfiber Floor Mop with Rubio Monocoat Soap

  1. Vacuum the surface. 
  2. Pour 100 ml of RMC Soap in a bucket with 10 L clear water. 
  3. Clean the surface with Microfiber Floor Mop. 
  4. Allow to dry: +/- 15 minutes. 
    Important: Do not leave any water on the floor surface, a damp-clean is sufficient. 
  5. Do not walk on the floor until it is completely dry. 

The best working method is with two buckets: one with the soap mixture and one with clean water to rinse the dirt out of the mop.

The product can be stored for up to 12 months. Store in dry conditions and in the original packaging.  Do not allow to freeze.

Download Application Instructions and TDS (EN)

Download Application Instructions and TDS(ES)


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Image of Rubio Monocoat Mop Kit - Mop, mop pad, soap, surface care spray.

Rubio Monocoat Mop Plus Surface Care Spray Kit