Wiping hardwood floor - What Not to Use on Hardwood Floors or Furniture: Avoid Using These Products on Wood

When it comes to flooring options, hardwood floors are an excellent choice that brings timeless elegance and warm interior design to any home. Their unrivaled beauty, however, does not come without its special set of care requirements. Like hardwood floors, wood furniture also demands particular attention to keep it from developing spots or other potential damage.

One of the most crucial aspects is knowing what not to use on hardwood floors or furniture. Keep reading for a list of common yet potentially harmful products homeowners should avoid to ensure the longevity of their beloved hardwood items.

Bleach? Blech.

“DIY” cleaning fixes, though seemingly alluring due to their ready availability and low cost, should be avoided at all costs. A common name in DIY cleaners is bleach. While bleach is great for disinfecting and whitening various household items, it’s a potential enemy for your hardwood floors and furniture. Bleach has the power to strip off the color, leaving your floor or furniture discolored and patchy.

Even if you’re looking for a distressed finish or a rustic gray look, there are better options than harsh chemicals.

Save the Vinegar for Your Chips!

Another DIY cleaning agent to avoid is vinegar. This kitchen pantry staple is often praised for its cleaning abilities, but wood and vinegar do not play well together. Another name for vinegar is acetic acid, and it can deteriorate the protective finish of your hardwood, causing it to dull and lead to possible water damage.

All-purpose? Not So Much

Some other commercial cleaning products marketed as all-purpose or multi-surface cleaners can also pose risks to your cherished wooden floors and furnishings (and many have potentially harmful chemicals as well). Be especially cautious about cleaners containing ammonia and alkaline substances, as these abrasive ingredients can gradually wear away the protective coating of the wood.

Barking up the Right Tree

Avoiding these DIY fixes and harmful products will not only save you from damaging the aesthetics of your wood items but also prolong their life, but the above advice might leave you wondering what you should do instead.

That’s where Special Hardwood’s Surface Care Spray Kit and Universal Maintenance Oil come in. These safe, eco-friendly products are specifically formulated to offer easy and effective care solutions for your hardwood floors and furniture.

Special Hardwood’s Surface Care Kit not only cleans your hardwood surfaces but also ensures their protection. It’s a convenient non-toxic cleaner designed specifically for wood to remove dirt and residue as well as light stains and stubborn scuff marks.

Universal Maintenance Oil is ideal for the periodic care and refinishing of hardwood floors and furniture. This oil not only nourishes the wood but also refreshes the color, enhancing the overall look and feel of your wooden surfaces.

These products enable you to clean and care for your wooden surfaces and provide an elegant, non-oily sheen that brings out the best in your hardwood’s original grain and hue.

It Doesn’t End There …

Taking good care of your wooden floors and furniture doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult. It’s all about knowing what to avoid and equipping yourself with the right products. They’re an investment worth protecting, and what better way than with products designed explicitly with their care in mind.

For more on how to properly care for your wooden surfaces, interior design tips, and a plethora of information on how to get the most out of your wooden surfaces, keep reading! Our blog has a wealth of informational resources designed with your needs in mind. Find out more and begin your journey to impeccable hardwood and wood furniture care today.

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