Molecular Bonding Technology

Rubio Monocoat uses a unique molecular bonding technology to adhere to the topmost fibers of the wood it's applied to. Within minutes this technology forms a durable finish that maintains the natural appearance and feel of the wood. Rubio Monocoat's unique molecular bonding technology also allows for a one-coat finish meaning there's no need to continually apply oil or build up layers of polyurethane like with traditional finishes. 

Varnishes And Polyurethanes

  • Creates film residue
  • Must apply multiple layers and sand intermediately
  • Cannot restore finish
  • Alters natural look and feel of wood

Traditional Waxes And Oils

  • Must maintain continuous saturation
  • Must apply multiple layers
  • Difficult restoration process due to overlaps
  • Intensive maintenance process

Rubio Monocoat Oil

  • Molecular bonding technology
  • No film residue
  • One layer application
  • Easy maintenance
  • Natural appearance and feel of the wood
  • Restorable finish

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