Rubio Monocoat Products Certifications

Rubio Monocoat is committed to providing sustainable and non-toxic wood care products, as demonstrated by the certifications they have received from various independent and international institutes.
GREENGUARD Gold Certification

GREENGUARD Gold Certified

Rubio Monocoat products are GREENGUARD Gold Certified. To receive this certification, all products undergo a thorough review of their manufacturing process and routine testing to ensure minimal impact on indoor environments.The UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification Standard ensures that products meet strict health-based criteria for additional chemicals and have low levels of VOC emissions, making them safe for use in schools and healthcare facilities. Not only do certified products limit emissions of over 360 VOCs and other chemicals, but they also comply with the requirements set by the California Department of Public Health. 

0% VOC

0% VOCs

Volatile organic compounds are a hidden danger in many of the products we use every day. From cleaning supplies to personal care products, VOCs can pose a serious threat to our health – even at low levels of exposure.ECCA, an independent laboratory, has conducted testing on Rubio Monocoat products to determine the VOC rating, ensuring you that they are VOC Free.  Your health and wellbeing are worth the extra effort.  You can read more about the effects of VOCs, and why you should avoid them, on our blog post VOC Free here.

Eurofins Gold Indoor Air Comfort certified product

Eurofins Gold Label

More than just thorough testing, the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification includes an internal quality program that ensures our products are continuously manufactured with low-emitting processes. Our commitment to reliability is demonstrated through on-site audits, re-testing, and certification, guaranteeing extremely low VOC emissions. 

Rubio Monocoat is the first in the wood treatment sector to get the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold label. The label signifies Rubio Monocoat’s focus on quality and contribution to a healthy indoor environment. The label combines the most relevant emission specifications and requirements in one certification.

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